Festival Fim do Caminho 2015 launched a new branch of the festival with the kind support of the Miles Morland Foundation. In collaboration with Unversidade Pedagogica and other local partners, young writers were invited to Nampula and Ilha to read their works during the festival. The four writers were all founding members of the Kuphaluxa, a literary movement founded in the last decade but which already counts more than 20 active Mozambican members.

The first day of the forum in Nampula saw writers introduce themselves, their movement and their works to an audience of about 100 at the Universidade Pedagogica campus amphitheatre in Nampula. Camoes Institute hosted and moderated the event.

Joao Ribeiro joined the writers on the second day of the literary forum on August 31 in the church inside the National Museum on Mozambique Island to discuss the synergies between cinema and literature in Mozambique. In a series of discussions, the challenges of being both a writer and a filmmaker in a country without libraries and cinemas soon became apparent.

Nampula_Lit forum





Nampula literary forum 2015

Lit forum_Ilha






Ilha literary forum 2015.

Fim do Caminho’s literary activites are kindly sponsored by the Miles Morland Foundation.

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