Fim do Caminho needs you!

Whether you want to help set up venues for a literary discussion or short film screening, drive or ferry supplies from one venue to another, distribute posters, fundraise, do marketing and sales or accounting, proposal write, programme, brainstorm, trouble-shoot or cook, Festival Fim do Caminho has a role for you to play. We are largely a volunteer organisation with limited resources and most of our work is done by people around the world contributing differing periods of time to develop festival structures, plans and monitor and evaluate progress. Our funding comes in cycles near festivals which means we cannot afford to pay non-Mozambican staff. However the rewards of working with the festival are far greater than financial: you will be working with a team of rural African teenagers and cultural shapers who are highly motivated and keen to learn and you will be an intricate part of a unique experience developing cultural infrastructure in Mozambique.

For 2016 and beyond, we need all kinds of volunteers of all ages (must be over 18), especially in the periods June-September. For those wanting to work during festival dates, volunteer programmes begin on July 1 and end on August 31. Two months is considered the minimum time to be able to orientate oneself and be effective within the role. Volunteers looking to come in other periods of the year are also welcome.

Skills needed: enthusiasm, cultural sensitivity, a sense of humour, ability to work in a diverse team in often difficult and testing circumstances. Tasks will vary day-by-day and flexibility is crucial.

Skills useful: some Portuguese, international driving license, technical skills.

Below is a sample of duties that any volunteer might encounter:

  • Travel between venues to verify progress
  • Maintain communications with festival partners, collaborators and staff
  • Assist with logistics for visiting film professionals and authors
  • Providing technical, marketing and management training to local staff
  • Social media management and training
  • Assisting with strategy and planning
  • Restock volunteer base/purchase supplies for venue restorations
  • Oversee printing of posters/banner/t-shirts/marketing goods
  • Oversee distributions of posters/banner/t-shirts/marketing goods
  • Daily accounting and collection of receipts from other volunteers/staff
  • Room and full board in guesthouse (Sunset Boulevard) by the beach see for volunteer details.
  • Provide specific training workshops for sections of festival staff
  • Daily Internet and computer lessons for festival staff
  • (e.g. Google Drive/email/mailchimp/blogging etc)
  • Provide support for other volunteers
  • Oversee preparations and last-minute repairs at venues
  • Assist with opening and closing ceremonies
  • Provide support for extra activities at festival.


For all enquiries about volunteering with Festival Fim do Caminho,please write to co-director Anna di Gioia:

All-inclusive packages available, with accommodation at Sunset Boulevard or at selected partners on Mozambique Island.