Between 2000 and 2500 audience members watched a variety of 62 Mozambican, African and World Cinema features and short films in seven venues in Ilha de Mocambique, Mossuril and Nampula during Fim do Caminho 2015 in northern Mozambique. Mozambican TV chief and film director Joao Ribeiro was this year’s guest of honour, partaking in lively debate with four young Mozambican writers – Nelson Lineu, Lino Mucurruza, Japone Arijuane and Jessemusse Cacinda – in a round-table co-hosted by Istituto Camoes in the National Museum on Ilha. The theme was synergies between cinema and literature.

Festival Fim do Caminho 2015 Guests of Honour:

Joao Ribeiro

Nikki Schuster

Japone Arijuane

Nelson Lineu

Lino Mucurruza

Jessemusse Cacinda

  • A screenshot from Habana Uma captura de tela do filme Havana

Full 2015 programme below.